Easy transfer instuctions
for your EXISTING web site.

To transfer your domain name and hosting from another provider to CQhost, just follow these simple instructions.

  • Sign up for a web hosting account using our
    order form. We will provide you with a temporary address so that you can start uploading your web site and setting up your emails as soon as your account is set up.

  • Change the nameservers/domain servers attached to your domain name (see below)

That's it!  As soon as your domain name is redirected to our servers (usually takes 1 day), you can close your former web hosting account.

To ensure no downtime to your web site, do not cancel your old web hosting account until 2 days after your domain name starts pointing to our servers.



To point your Domain Name to our servers you just need to fill out a transfer form.
The form you need to use depends on which registrar your domain name was registered through.

Network Solutions: go directly to http://www.netsol.com, login to your account and replace the current domain servers,
to ns1.cqhost.com and ns2.cqhost.com.

Register.com: To point your Domain Name to our servers, you just need to log on to Register.com's Domain Name Manager
and add our DNS servers (nameservers) to your domain name record. http://mydomain.register.com

Other registrars: To transfer your domain name to our servers, you just need to fill out a Domain Name Record Modification Form at the registry through which your domain name was registered.

With all registrars, the part of your domain name record that needs to be changed is the Name Server Information section.
Replace the information currently there with:

Primary server hostname: ns1.cqhost.com
Primary server netaddress:

Secondary server hostname: ns2.cqhost.com
Secondary server netaddress:

Note: some registrars like register.com doesn't need the IP/netaddress.

If you don't know "who is" your registrar. Go to cqhost.com, enter your domain name in the search box (without www.) click OK then click on WHOIS OUTPUT.