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Cherokee Server

  A Perfect Plan for Personal Websites and Small business

With PHP 5.4, MYSQL 5, Coldfusion 9, Classic ASP, JAVA JSP, Perl and a free dedicated/static IP address.


Account Highlight:
15 GB of RAID
    Protected disk space
50 POP3 E-mail accounts
Unlimited email addresses
Apache 2.2 web server
Spam Filtering - SpamAssassin
Spam Filtering - Greylisting
PHP5 & PHP4 programming
20 FTP accounts 
80 GB of Monthly traffic
Detailed Web site traffic stats
Adobe ColdFusion 9
Classic ASP 3.0
WebDAV /webDrive support
FrontPage extensions
Resin engine 4.0 / Tomcat
JSP 2.1 Java Servlets 2.5 JDK 1.7
45-day money back guarantee
Website Control Panel

Email Features:
50 POP3/IMAP4 email accounts
Secure authentication (TLS/SSL)
• Unlimited email forwarding
• Unlimited email addresses (aliases)
• Multiple autoresponders
• 1 SMTP account (outgoing)
• Unlimited mailing lists
Exclusive Web email

Scripting & database:
20 MYSQL databases 
  on a dedicated mysql server
PHP5 & PHP4 language
PHP Mysqli support
• ColdFusion 9 
• PERL scripting language
• Mod_python 3.2.10 layer
• PYTHON 2.4.3 scripting
• PERL DBI support
• External ODBC support
• SSI Server-Side Include

• Daily Website traffic/visitors stats
• Access to raw logs

Generic features:
• Macromedia flash support
• Realvideo / audio  http stream
• WAP (xml) support

• Separate webspace for each users
with dedicated FTP access.


Price*: $7.95/month 
Setup Fee None 

Limited time offer :
* $7.95/month - 2 years pre-paid
(New accounts only)

* $12.50/month if paid Yearly
* $14.95/month if paid Quarterly

Domain Name:
• http://www.yourdomain.comΉ
• * wildcard
• Point 4 additional domain names
with Email relay free
• UNLIMITED sub-domains redirected
to a sub-directory inside your account
IP addresses:
Your own dedicated IP address
(your site IP is not shared
with multiple customers)

On-line tools:
• Web-based Files Manager
• Directory protection (.htaccess)
• Custom error-404 page
• phpmyadmin 3.0 + mysqli

• Shared SSL secure server

CGI-Scripts Features:
• Your own cgi-bin (full access)


Network & Servers
Dual processor 64-bit Unix
Servers (Quad Core)

RAID 1 mirroring + spare
UPS power back-up
State-of-the-art data center

Manage everything from a MAC, windows XP/VISTA or Linux.
Ή : InterNIC charge is not included. You may register your domain name separately at or any registrar like network solutions. If you have already registered your domain name , there is no charge.

* Choose your billing cycle:
- Quarterly (billed every 3 months) OR Yearly (billed every year)



PHP, JAVA and COLDFUSION web hosting from $7.95*



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