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CQhost offers you a simple way to help your web site earn more money while enhancing your visitor's experience. Simply reference your affiliate banner on your site, and you will earn cash every time someone clicks thru to our site and orders a product. It's that easy! 

Program features:

Exclusive Online tracking system
Real time statistics and % fee credit
detailed reports (by day, month, year)
You don't need to have an account with us

Premium Referral program

What do I get?

You will receive a one-time credit for any new customer that you have referred to CQhost. This means that for each new customer (this does not apply to any future plans that this customer may purchase or refer) the appropriate credit will apply. 

      Cherokee Plan:
BusinessII Plan:
Ultra Plan:
Dedicated Plan:
Can I get cash instead of credit?

Yes, if the credit on your account is greater than $500.00, you can request a check from CQhost. Just give us a call or email

Do you have an on-line Control Panel?

YES. You can view all your stats, click-through, # of sales, commissions ($) in real-time. The Affiliate Program Software uses a Dual Tracking Method. It is our experience that Cookie Tracking is the best way to track click-throughs and sales for a long period of time -- however, we also have a back-up CGI-URL tracking (IP).

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